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Debbie Goodwin

Hello and welcome to the Pawsitive Training Nottingham/Derby website.

I have over 20 years of experience in the behaviour and training of dogs and am a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors. I have a Diploma in Canine Behaviour, and am a full member of INTO Dogs, ICAN and The Pet Professional Guild.

My passion is working with dogs to help them reach their full potential in a fun, fear free way, whether they are working and competing dogs, fearful rescues or family unit members.

I work completely on a positive reward basis, and as an ex Veterinary Nurse I also understand the anatomical and physical restraints that some dogs have, and will work with owners to overcome the problems. I have a special interest in arthritic dogs as per my Canine Arthritis Management qualification.

As both a trainer and a behaviourist, I am fully insured and offer both group classes or one to one behaviour assessments and training.

Debbie Goodwin Pawsitive Dog Training

I run a Rescue and Rehoming Service for my breed, Papillons, and I have extensive knowledge on rescue dog behaviour, particularly the fearful foreign dogs.

I regularly, successfully compete in agility, scentwork, showing and obedience myself.

Behaviour consultations typically last an hour (or more if needed) to enable me to understand your dogs issues, to suggest a way forward and to start a programme. This will be followed up with a full written history and plan. Follow up visits very much depend on the issue, the implementation of the behaviour modification plan and the individual dog.

General Training for dogs and puppies can be in either a class situation or one to one training. Some dogs do really well in class, whilst others need some one to one training first, especially where a class situation is too stressful. Again, it is very much dependent on what you wish to achieve with your dog, the dog itself, and its progression as to how many sessions you will need.

To book a consultation or training session please complete the Questionnaire which can be sent by e mail or downloaded here, e mail to dogpawsitivetraining@yahoo.com  and I will ring you to book an appointment. If you would like to discuss your requirements prior to this, please telephone me on 07956 547769 and I will be very pleased to answer your questions at no extra charge.

Consultations normally last a minimum of 1 hour and are carried out in your own home at a time which is convenient to you. It is helpful for the whole family and any other carers to be present.

The cause and motivation for the behaviour will be fully explained and a staged programme of behaviour modification advised. You will receive a written report and advised of follow up visits.

I am able to provide a secure field for training on a Sunday afternoon so please contact me if required. 

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